Welcome from the VPP TechCom Chair

Prof. Alain Bouscayrol,
University of Lille,
MEGEVH network, France

On behalf of the Vehicle Power Propulsion (VPP) Technical Committee of IEEE-VTS, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 15th IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (IEEE-VPPC).

The VPP TechCom acts as Standing Advisory Committee of IEEE-VPPC. In order to keep IEEE-VPPC at the highest international level, different actions and rules have been proposed. The VPP TechCom members are thus strongly involved in IEEE-VPPC’18.

IEEE-VPPC’18 is jointly organized with IEEE-VTC’18 in Chicago this year. It was an opportunity to co-locate both conferences of IEEE-VTS and we moved VPPC from October to August. Some common events are scheduled to mix both communities. As it is sure that “Information & Energy” will take an important part in the development of future vehicles, such a joint organization should initiate contacts for developing innovative projects in that perspective.

Special thanks to Prof. Alexander Wyglinski, VTS President, the VTS Board of Governor, and the VTS Conference Committee for their strong supports, specifically Prof. J.R. Cruz (VTS ConfCom chair and financial chair of VPPC’18) and Rodney Clint Keele (VTS Program Administrator). Warm thanks to Prof. Joao Trovao (University of Sherbrooke, Canada), VPPC’18 general chair, Sylvain Pagerit (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) and Prof.  Loïc Boulon (University of Trois-Rivières, Canada), the VPPC’18 co-chairs and the local organizing team, for their great efforts to organize VPPC in Chicago in the best way. It was specifically a great challenge because of the short delay from the last IEEE-VPCC (December 2017, Belfort, France).  Special thanks Dominik Karbowski (Argonne National Laboratory, USA), Samir Jemei (Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France) and Prof.  Sousso Kelouwani (University of Trois-Rivières, Canada), TPC chair of VPPC’18 and the TPC members for their hard works to propose a high-level scientific program.

According to the rotation of VPPC between Europe-Africa, America and Asia-Pacific, IEEE-VPPC’19 will be held in Asia in 2019 (the venue is yet in discussion when writing this welcome message) I hope that the 2018 edition of VPPC will continue to strengthen our community and will motivate everybody to attend the 2018 edition!

Prof. Alain Bouscayrol

VPP TechCom Chair of IEEE VTS