Final Paper Submission

Regular Paper submission deadline: 25 June 2018

Extended to Friday 29 June 2018

The full instructions for the final paper submission are available at

The papers should be properly IEEE formatted and the authors should follow final paper submission steps. Word and LaTeX versions of this template can be found here GO > >.

The IEEE VPPC 2018 papers are limited to 6 pages (extra pages will be charged).

At least one author of each paper must register for the conference (at the full member or non-member rate) for that paper to be accepted for publication. Should an author have an additional paper, a publication charge is payable covering the cost of reviewing the paper, publishing it in the proceedings, and submitting to IEEE Xplore®, and also the AV and other associated costs of presenting the paper at the conference.


In order to improve the positioning of your paper, you are encouraged to cite more recent papers in the VPP (Vehicular Power Propulsion) topics.


The IEEE Conference eXpress site includes:

  • Templates and layout guidelines
  • Publications requirements
  • Information on eCopyright—online interface for IEEE Copyrights
  • Final Submission and Copyright deadlines
  • Link to IEEE eXpress (final submission site)

Submission itself is a three stage process:

  1. Register for the conference at
  2. You will receive a receipt in the form of an RTF file, with a Registration Reference Number(which will be in the form of an 11 character alphanumeric sequence). You must wait for this receipt to arrive BEFORE attempting to upload your paper. A copy automatically goes to IEEE Conference eXpress to confirm payment. This receipt will normally come within a few hours for credit card payments, but may take 2-3 days (up to 2 weeks for wire transfer payments).
  3. Submit your final paper(s) at the sites listed above. You will need to enter your Registration Reference Number, your TrackChair Paper Number and the conference ID (vppc18 for all papers) in order to upload to the final submission site IEEE Conference eXpress. You will be guided through the final proofing process required for all papers.
    Almost all files are converted automatically, but in some situations, a conversion by the Technical Support Team may be necessary. It is highly recommended that authors submit files as early as possible in advance of any deadline. If additional processing is required, it may take up to 24 hours to complete during times of high traffic, such as the day of the deadline. At low traffic periods—3 days or more before a deadline—response times may be much shorter.

Since payments are checked manually, allow two days for a credit card payment and two weeks for a wire transfer. It is the attendee’s responsibility to ensure conference payment is finalized in time for the paper submission deadline. Registering on the day of the paper submission deadline is not advised.

If you have a second paper, add this to your registration form. We will automatically allocate a second paper submission to you. Note that reduced rate registrations for students and life members do not qualify for paper submissions – each paper must either have a full registration or additional paper charge associated with it.


Arthur Able has two papers. To present both, he registers at full rate (covering the first paper), and pays an additional paper charge for the second paper.

Beth Barts and Charlie Clover have co-authored two papers. They have a choice. Either both authors can attend the conference, paying full registrations each, or one can register and pay an additional paper charge for the second paper.

David Doherty, a student, and Edith Edwards have co-authored a paper. Both wish to attend. It would be cheaper for Edith to register the paper, and David to register as a student later, rather than David to register the paper now. Student authors must pay the full registration unless another co-author has registered at the full rate, or an additional paper charge is paid by a co-author who has registered at full rate.

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