Members of the Organizing Committee

General Chair

  • João P. Trovão, University of Sherbrooke, Canada;

General co-Chairs

  • Sylvain Pagerit, Argonne National Laboratory, USA;
  • Loïc Boulon, UQTR, Canada;

Honorary Chair

  • CC. Chan, University of Honk Kong, China;

Financial Chair

  • JR Cruz, University of Oklahoma, USA;

IEEE VTS Support

  • Rodney (Clint) Keele, University of Oklahoma, USA;

Conference Office

  • Nuno Faria, INESC Coimbra, Portugal;

Technical Program Committee Chairs

  • Dominik Karbowski, Argonne National Laboratory, USA;
  • Samir Jemei, Univ. Bour. Franche-Comté, France;
  • S. Kelouwani; UQTR, Canada;

Special Session Chairs

  • Arnaud Gaillard, Univ. Bour. Franche-Comté; France;
  • Eric Rask, Argonne National Laboratory, USA;

Tutorial Chairs

  • Aymeric Rousseau, Argonne National Laboratory, USA;
  • Nadia Steiner, Univ. Bour. Franche-Comté, France;
  • Hicham Chaoui, Carleton University, Canada;

Awards Chairs

  • Javier Solano, Univ. Industrial de Santander, Colombia
  • Ke Li, Univ. Notthigham, UK;
  • Tony Letrouvé, SNCF, France;

Publication Chair

  • Daniel Hissel, Univ. Bour. Franche-Comté, France.

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