Regular tracks

Regular Track 1

Energy Storage and Generation, Components and Systems

Track Chairs:
Marcello Canova, Ohio State University, USA; Suruz Miah, Bradley University, USA; Ali Sari, University of Lyon, France

  • Battery technology;
  • Advanced battery;
  • Battery management systems;
  • Charge/discharge units;
  • Voltage, SoC & thermal balancing systems;
  • New capacitor technology; ultra-capacitors;
  • Flywheels;
  • Hybrid energy storage topologies;
  • Fuel cell systems; auxiliary power units;
  • Packaging of the energy sources;
  • Diagnosis and prognosis;
  • SoC and SoH estimation;
  • Solar vehicles;
  • Applications to land, sea, air and space vehicles.
Regular Track 2

Power Electronics, Motor Drives and Electric Power Systems

Track Chairs:
Christophe Espanet, Sanceboz, Switzerland; Hicham Chaoui, Carleton University, Canada

  • Converters;
  • Rectifiers;
  • Inverters;
  • Power electronics systems;
  • Electric machines;
  • Motor drives (design and/or control);
  • Power semiconductors;
  • EMI/EMC;
  • Starters;
  • Generators;
  • Integrated starter/alternators;
  • Novel power modules;
  • Auxiliary motor drives;
  • Drive trains;
  • Diagnosis and prognosis;
  • Electro-magnetic compatibility;
  • Power system architectures;
  • 42V PowerNet;
  • Higher voltage power systems;
  • X-by-wire;
  • Electric power steering;
  • Hydraulic powertrain;
  • Applications to land, sea, air and space vehicles.
Regular Track 3

Vehicular Electronics and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Track Chairs:
Junmin Wang, Ohio State University, USA; Ricardo De Castro, DLR German Aerospace Center, Germany; Roberto Lot, University of Southampton, UK.

  • Active suspension;
  • Automatic cruise controls;
  • Remote sensing;
  • Wireless sensors and controls;
  • Sensor network;
  • Wireless communications and vehicular networking;
  • Cooperative driving;
  • Intelligent and autonomous vehicles;
  • Active and passive safety systems;
  • Embedded operation system;
  • Vehicular signal processing;
  • Micro-electromechanical systems;
  • Driver assistance driving systems;
  • Virtual/digital system;
  • Applications to land, sea, air and space vehicles.
Regular Track 4

Control and Energy Management of Transportation Systems

Track Chairs:
Simona Onori, Stanford University, USA; Scott Moura, University of California Berkeley, USA

  • Power split in HEV;
  • Intelligent control and energy management systems;
  • Hardware-in-the-loop;
  • Fault tolerance control and management;
  • Offline & on-line optimization;
  • Route-based energy management;
  • Driving pattern recognition;
  • Online parameter identification & driver modelling for energy management;
  • shifting control & management;
  • applications to land, sea, air and space vehicles.
Regular Track 5

Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Transportation Systems

Track Chairs:
Phil Sharer, Argonne National Laboratory, USA; Giambattista Gruosso, Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Namwook Kim, Hanyang University, Korea.

  • Modeling, simulation, analysis, design, dynamics and stability of vehicular systems/components;
  • CAD/CAE;
  • Virtual prototyping;
  • Vehicular architecture;
  • Real world testing;
  • Fleet measurement;
  • Driving cycle design;
  • Eco-driving;
  • Well-to-wheels and tank-to-wheels analysis;
  • Life cycle analysis;
  • Applications to land, sea, air and space vehicles.
Regular Track 6

Charging Systems and Infrastructures

Track Chairs:
Jason Harper, Argonne National Laboratory, USA; Chunhua Liu, City University of Hong Kong, China; Pablo Arboleya, University of Oviedo, Spain.

  • Chargers;
  • EV electrical infrastructure and V2X;
  • Onboard battery chargers;
  • AC & DC charging infrastructure;
  • Fast & superfast charging;
  • Wireless charging;
  • Conductive charging;
  • Charging management;
  • Smart Grid;
  • Smart charging;
  • Harmonics and power quality;
  • Applications to land, sea, air and space vehicles.
Regular Track 7

Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructures and Fuel Cell Vehicles

Track Chairs:
Marie-Cécile Péra, University Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Belfort, France; Dimitrios Papageorgopoulos, US Department of Energy, USA

  • Fuel cell powertrain;
  • Fuel cell vehicle for road, rail, sea, air and space;
  • Hybrid fuel cell vehicle;
  • Plug in fuel cell vehicle;
  • High-pressure hydrogen storage;
  • Low-pressure hydrogen storage;
  • Electrolyzer;
  • Hydrogen production from green energy;
  • Refueling station;
  • Standardization.

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