Top 10 Best Male Enhancement Pills On The Market In 2019

Top 10 Best Male Enhancement Pills On The Market In 2019

Welcome to my Top 4 Best Male Enhancement Pills. I have carried out lots of personal testing with different supplements, and here you’ll find my to

Max Performer : The Most Popular Male Enhancement Pill for 2019


Max Performer is a male enhancement supplement. It works to improve your power, confidence and endurance for an overwhelming sexual performance. Max Performer is produced and sold by a company called Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd.
Hi and welcome to Health E Iron, your one stop shop for learning more about male enhancement products; how they work and your breadth of choices.
And that’s the problem, isn’t it? Being able to differentiate the good from the bad, as well as knowing how to identify which is the best fit for you? With so much to choose from – pills, powders and injections – it is easy to get overwhelmed in what can only be described as a very saturated market.

How do you choose?

Bearing that in mind, I have scoured the web and reviewed all the top male enhancement products so YOU can skip the stress; save on time and focus on what matters most: finding a credible solution for your sexual issues and needs.
Take for instance Max Performer – can it really revitalize your sexual health and erections? Find out for yourself in my review below:

All About Max Performer:

Max Performer is a male sex enhancement pill that has been specially formulated from 100% natural ingredients to help increase your erection strength, size and stamina.
Suffer from a low sex drive, libido or symptoms of testosterone deficiency i.e. erectile dysfunction? Max Performer can efficiently bolster your blood flows; improve circulation, and jumpstart your sexual arousal, so you can perform at your very best EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Max Performer can help you to cover all of the bases. From reawakening your sexual desire and libido, to eliminating fatigue; this supplement can supercharge your energy levels, so your new and improved erection strength AND size, will transform into stronger, more powerful orgasms.
In other words – Max Performer can improve all future sexual encounters!
Max Performer is designed to:
  • Produce thicker, stronger, better quality erections
  • Boost energy, stamina and sexual performance
  • Bolster your sex drive, desire and arousal
  • Intensify orgasms
  • The Ingredients:

    Every one of Max Performer’s ingredients have been purposefully chosen for their ability to optimize different areas of your sexual health, whilst supporting erection strength and longevity. In doing so, you can benefit from longer lasting, more satisfying results that are 100% safe.
    Below is a brief overview of this supplements core ingredients, and how each of them work to help your body:
  • Where to Buy It:

    Max Performer has got an official website, meaning alongside being able to benefit from their current pricing and discounts; you can also feel reassured that you are receiving the genuine product.
    And this is important in a market filled with cheap imitations and false claims.
    With the support of this dedicated website, you can instantly eliminate all self-doubt and instead focus on Max Performer’s range of benefits.
    Take for example their package deals. Max Performer usually offer a variety of discounts which can actually save you a lot of money. These usually consist of buy one get one frees, or receiving a certain number of ‘free bottles’ when you invest in a set bundle. In any case, they are too good to pass.
    My only suggestion is that you keep an eye on their website, as their pricing/deals are subject to change. This means, if you want the best deal you need to keep your eye on the prize and check it regularly.
    Max Performer also comes with a 100 day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t produce the results you want within those 100 days you can send it back and get a refund.


    • Not all ingredients are proven in scientific studies and rely on Eastern or Traditional Medicine
    • If you stop taking the supplements it’s likely you’ll lose the benefits

    My Conclusion:

    Max Performer is worth a try for a number of reasons. Rampacked with high quality, natural ingredients, it has got a proven history of helping men to improve their sex life.
    From boosting your erection strength, stamina and size, to improving blood flows, testosterone and libido; in just a few short weeks, you can experience positive results and enter the bedroom a new man.
    Then there is their guarantee. With a full 100 days to effectively try this supplement and test its limits, you can do so fully rest assured that your money is protected. If it doesn’t work, you can ask for a refund – simple. For that reason alone, it is worth giving Max Performer a try. Just remember that it might be a few weeks before you notice a real difference, as its ingredients will need time to build up and get to work in your system. So give it a chance to fulfil its claims before you dismiss it. The wait will be worth it…
  • VigRx plus Review

Let’s be honest here, guys. More or less, we all want to impress our woman with our incredible prowess in bed.
We all have the internal need to satisfy our partner, make her feel in ways that she’s never felt before.
And we all wish we had the (long and thick) necessary equipment to do so – but most of us ain’t no Rocco Sinfredi.
So this is how I came to start researching male enhancement pills.
Most market pills didn’t do the trick for me, and I ended up trying several products that had no effect whatsoever, despite their wondrous (and, as proven, imaginary) claims.
And then, one day, a close friend of mine recommended VigRx plus.
He seemed pretty certain – and convincing, but I still ended up doing my own research before giving it shot. And I did. And, after one month of using VigRx Plus, I’m here to share my results with you.
First of all, the package was discreet. A huge plus for me; who wants their next door neighbor winking knowingly if they happen to stumble upon the box? Started taking the vigrx plus pills as recommended. Didn’t see any immediate results, but both my friend and the company claimed that it would take a bit more to see my erection reach the desired levels.
After about three weeks of using the Vigrx plus, I started noticing changes in my erection; it got bigger as time went by.
My sex life started to level up, my confidence started growing along with some noticeable organic betterment – if you know what I mean. Even my partner noted the differences.
And that’s why I decided to conduct an extensive research on how exactly VigRX Plus works, and share my own personal experience with anyone who wishes to know. I know that’s a lot of yada-yada, so I’ll get to the point right away.

What Exactly Is VigRX Plus?

VigRx Plus is a male enhancing supplement containing natural ingredients for guys who want to transform or improve their sex life.

According to their official website, users should expect the following realistic results when using VigRx Plus:

In The First Month

You should expect longer lasting erections. You’ll also start noticing an expansion in the size and width of your buddy.

In The Second Month

You’ll start to see more dramatic changes in your appearance. You will also probably see an increase in your sexual stamina.

In The Third Month & Plus

Now when you get an erection, your tool looks stronger, firmer and more rock-solid, while your stamina and your performance is improved, along with your energy levels.
What’s even better is that there are no reported side-effects of the VigRx Plus.

How Does VigRX Actually Work?

I know you really want to know how VigRx works, right? Before we get on with that, let me quickly note that if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction or your erection just isn’t as hard as it used to be, there is good chance that the corpora cavernosa chambers in your penis are not getting enough blood flow or they are not expanding for long enough.

Fortunately, VigRX Plus has been formulated and proven to be able to solve both of those problems.

Male Extra Review

Is Male Extra Gonna Help You Make The Extra Mile In The Bedroom?

Today We Have The Answer For You!

Being sexually active and powerful is what each and every one of us need to be happy and healthy, whether in a committed relationship or out in the field. Hence, it’s no wonder that a man will seek all ways to enhance his performance and empower his penis in order to give and feel ample satisfaction with his bed partners!
At this point, there’s no need to say that there are hundreds of different health supplements and boosters out there – products that swear to be able to make you last longer, feel your orgasms more intensely, and add inches to your most valuable tool in the bedroom! However not all of them can deliver what they promise; but don’t worry!
We are here to tell you everything about whether Male Extra can make or break your performance between the sheets – from its ingredients’ list and formula potency to its cost and value-for-money, we will dissect for you every detail below, so that you can be certain of whether it is the right product for you or not!

What Exactly Is Male Extra Exactly, Folks?

Male Extra is a natural male enhancement supplement in the form of pills. It has been in the market for quite a while, and it was specifically designed to help every man, regardless of their age, to regain their confidence and rekindle the fire in their bedrooms!

How Can Male Extra Help You?

To make a long story short, Male Extra aims at aiding you:
  • Greatly Improving Your Sex Life
  • Increase Your Sexual Pleasure
  • Up Your Stamina Levels
  • Gain Better Control Of Your Ejaculations
  • Boost Your Erections
  • Experience More Intense, Bigger Ejaculations
  • Enhance Your Sexual Performance
  • Keep Your Prostate Healthy
Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Maybe a bit too good to be true? Well, according to our extensive research, none of the above claims are far from the truth, so let’s dive a bit deeper (pun intended) to see exactly how Male Extra works!

What’s In The Pill?

The key to every male enhancement supplement is its list of ingredients; the proprietary blend of each product defines its efficiency and results. Male Extra’s potent formula is unique; according to their official site, you will not find another blend that features double dosage of key ingredients AND the Pomegranate Ellagic 40% that Male Extra has!
So, what does this one-of-a-kind formula contain? Here are some of its most important ingredients. For full list of ingredients, Click here.
  • Male ExtraPomegranate – Pomegranate is a type of phenolic acid which helps in increasing the production of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide in turn enhances your blood flow and circulation – to give you a hint, this translates to boosting the blood that flows through your penis, thus extending your erections and feelings of satisfaction during sex!
  • L-Arginine – An amino acid that is also crucial for upping the levels of nitric oxide; see above!
  • Muira Puama – A multi-use herbal extract from the titular plant, Muira Puama has been considered to be an aphrodisiac, libido booster that can help with sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction, and other male performance problems – amongst other beneficial traits.
  • L-Methionine – Another super important amino acid, L-Methionine (one of its many names) not only helps in widening the blood vessels, but also aids in lowering the levels of histamine; as a result, it can help the fight against premature ejaculation.
  • Cordyceps – Cordyceps is a widely known ingredient that delves with release of testosterone; it is a fungus that has been used as a libido enhancer for both sexes, a stamina booster, and a potent help for better erections.

That’s Great & All – But How Does Male Extra Work?

The answer is rather simple; this incredibly potent mix of ingredients greatly affects your blood flow and why is blood flow so important? Because it has everything to do with offering you stronger, more powerful, long-lasting erections, improving your stamina, increasing your libido levels, and intensifying your orgasms and overall feel!

The Mother-load; Dosage & Results!

Everything we have discussed above would be a waste of your time (and ours) without knowing whether Male Extra can actually deliver – and if it can, in what timespan.
First of all, let us clarify two things that apply for any health supplement and male enhancing product: their results vary according to each person’s physique, body, and health history. And although Male Extra is not known to have any side effects and doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription, you should always consult with your physician before taking it – and that is always our general advice.
Especially in the case of Male Extra, people who take blood circulation related medicine, should be a bit more aware so that it doesn’t interact with their perscripted medicine.
Taking the above under consideration, Male Extra seems to be a supplement that actually works and is effective for the majority of men that have used it, and is considered to be one of the best, 100% natural health supplements available today.
The suggested dosage is 3 pills per day after each of your meals. Although it doesn’t work in the blink of an eye, it looks like you will be able to experience the first signs of improvement in just a matter of few weeks – however, should you want to evaluate its full potency, three months will do the trick!
The general consensus is that Male Extra is more of a long-term investment: the results are there, the more you take it, the more improvement you will witness. The majority of its users estimate an approximate penis size increase of 0.8 to 2.6 inches – and that’s impressive


If you are in the market for a male enhancement supplement, chances are that you probably –
a) know that there is a vast variety of enhancement methods out there
b) have already encountered the one we are about to review today.
As a matter of fact, Extenze is one of the most widely known dietary supplements in the world, promising to fire up your sex life by giving you stronger erections, improved endurance, and an increase of your penis length and girth.
And since this is not a light subject to be joking about, we are here to tell you everything you need to know, so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Extenze will become your weapon of choice to woo the ladies and fire up those bedsheets!

The Claiming Game – Or What Extenze Is About!

So, what is Extenze exactly? A perfectly natural, completely unique herbal blend, according to their official website page. Several different components (that we will discuss in greater detail later on) have come together in order to offer you:
  • A Fully Enhanced Sexual Experience
  • Enlarged & Prolonged Erections
  • Improved Libido & Stamina
  • Increase In Penis Size
It does look like a great method to achieve all of the above results, without having to resort to extreme and quite painful enhancement ways such as mechanical extenders, pumps, or surgery procedure. Which begs the question; is Extenze efficient enough? Is it worth spending your hard-earned dollars? That’s what we’re here for!

Gimme A 20 On That Ingredient List!

Why would I care about the stuff they put in those pills?» I hear you ask. Well, although I understand the need to cut to the chase, in order to check how effective Extenze can be, we need to see what are the benefits that each separate ingredient boasts.
Extenze proudly proclaims that it contains only natural, herbal ingredients – so here we go.

Yohimbe Bark Extract

Yohimbe Bark Extract, more formally known as Pausinytstalia Yohimba, is a herbal component that is known to enhance sex drive, frequency of ejaculations, and libido. Its combination with the next Extenze ingredient, L-Arginine, has been believed to greatly help for cases of light ED (Erectile Dysfunction, that is).


There is only a handful of male enhancers and T-boosters out there that do not include this crucial amino acid in their ingredients’ list.
The reason is simple: L-arginine is considered to be a must-have ally in the battle of ED, due to its ability to increase blood flow and circulation.
Hence, it can significantly help improve your sperm motility and count.

Horny Goat Weed

The name is not a product of chance. Horny Goat Weed extract can help carve your path to being a sexual conquistador by transferring nitric oxide which relaxes your penis’ tissue and thus allows for stronger, more prolonged erections.


Another component that one can regularly spot in several similar supplements, Zinc has been proven to be a key ingredient against ED, premature ejaculations, general competency, and more.
The body is assisted by zinc in order to produce testosterone, prolactine, etc – all in all, it is a vital addition that will help you… keep your head high!


This chemical compound with the difficult name is already in your body, and it is an essential energy and stamina booster when increased.
It also helps create steroid hormones, which are partially responsible for your vigor and endurance!

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  1. This chemical compound with the difficult name is already in your body, and it is an essential energy and stamina booster when increased.Supplement Blend




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